Grand Merdeka Mall To Grow Esports In Sabah

Grand Merdeka Battlegrounds just happened over the weekend, and you can read about it here in our winners re-cap.

This event was organized by pro gaming community Kitamen and backed by Grand Merdeka Mall itself. We were impressed and proud that a mall would play a huge role in eSports, not just as venue sponsor but as a host. The mall will sponsoring the winners of FIFA 18 and Mobile Legends to compete in the Grand Finals of Moh Skor eSports tournament in Asia Comic Con in July.

Winners of Grand Merdeka Battlegrounds.

So we reached out to Emily Chew, General Manager of Grand Merdeka Mall to find out why did they want to be involved in eSports and what other exciting plans do they have for gamers who visit the mall.

“We are planning on developing the esports scene here in Sabah by creating events and creating a meet-up point for the local gaming community. It falls in line in how we envision Grand Merdeka to be – a mall that embraces the new age and the culture that comes along with it.”

Emily Chew, General Manager of Grand Merdeka Mall

“While in the works, we have plans to develop esports-ready facilities that includes an esports centre and a possibly a viewing theatre to watch live international and national tournaments being broadcasted.”

Esports itself isn’t something new in Sabah as it played host to the Borneo E-Arena last year, among other events. But to see a mall and property developer willing to invest in the industry shows a positive sign of bigger things to come for the land below the wind.

If you would like to compete in Moh Skor eSports tournament, click here to register: