We Stole 2 Mins Of Lenovo’s General Manager’s Time at LCM & Here’s What He Had To Say

Amidst the screaming fans, cosplayers, pro-players and curious onlookers at the recent League of Legends Championship Malaysia (LCM) at Quill City Mall, KL last weekend, we spotted a familiar face. One we’ve only seen on flashy magazines and tech sites…

Meet Mr. Khoo Hung Chuan, the General Manager of Lenovo for Malaysia and Singapore.

Don’t let that look fool you, Mr. Khoo was super cool about answering our questions.

He was being interviewed by NT7’s 7Edition’s news…

And as soon as he was done, we quickly threw 4 questions at him and here’s what he had to say.

Q1) How important is it for big brands, like Lenovo, to be involved in the gaming industry?
Esports and gaming are gaining popularity day-by-day, and it goes beyond gamers to a more general audience. As a leader in technological innovation supporting this trend, Lenovo wants to continue building top-notch gaming experiences by providing a platform to nurture the Malaysian gaming community. To attract the non-gaming crowd to have the same experience that players have.

We are also dedicated to fulfilling the needs of gamers through initiatives such as supporting gaming tournaments like today’s LCM. We believe that the gaming community deserves superior products that reflect their passion for gaming. This is why we are offering passionate gamers a chance to complete their Lenovo Legion gaming setup with our official gaming accessories.


Q2) Other than technology, what kind of support does Lenovo give?
Lenovo Legion wants to elevate the gaming experience not just through our products but also through the esports scene. This has become a global phenomenon and has gathered a following not just in the region but in Malaysia as well.

So as part of our user-centric philosophy, Lenovo Legion is committed to being present where our fans are and contributing to growing and supporting the esports industry with initiatives such as:
– Lenovo Legion Roadshows (Lenovo Legion has been visiting campuses and high-traffic areas to educate gamers and recruit them into Lenovo Legion’s community so look out for this!).

– Lenovo Legion Gaming Tournaments such League of Champions (Jan 2017) and Legion of Champion Series II (January 2018).

– Sponsorship of other gaming tournaments: The Legend’s Circuit Summer 2017, ESL One Genting 2017, Malaysia Lunar Cup 2018, and League of Legends Championship Malaysia 2018.

– Sponsorship of pro teams like KL Hunters (Lenovo Legion provides them with gaming hardware for training purposes).


Q3) What do you think of the government’s support for esports in Malaysia?
The government has been very supportive to promote esports under initiatives from Kementerian Komunikasi dan Multimedia Malaysia (KKMM), eSports Malaysia (eSM), and most recently, Kementerian Belia & Sukan. We are encouraged by their initiatives and would definitely love to work with the government to support the gaming needs of the community by helping them perform their best through our innovative technologies, and delivering the ultimate gaming experience.


Q4) Is Lenovo interested to venture into other games besides LoL?
(He says this with a cheeky grin) It is definitely in our pipeline. However, we are focusing on League of Legends for now.


Special thanks to Mr. Khoo for the quick chat and we hope to see more great things from Lenovo! And in case you’re wondering, this isn’t a sponsored post. Perhaps we should have asked.