Pokemon Sword And Shield Announced

Recently Nintendo, The Pokémon Company, and Game Freak officially revealed Pokémon Sword and Shield, the eighth generation of Pokémon games at their Pokémon Direct event. The seven-minute clip has about two minutes of trailer footage and some information direct from the people at Game Freak and the Pokémon Company about a game that will cause millions to disappear for a week at launch.

Once again there will be a new region, adventures, and Pokémon for all players to fall in love with on the Nintendo Switch sometime later this year. Are you as excited as us to once again pick up a Poké Ball and venture forth into the Galar Region to become the very best that there ever was?

As with all the other beloved Pokémon games, you will get to choose a from one of three new starting Pokémon. There is Grookey, a grass type described as, ‘a mischievous Chimp Pokémon that is full of boundless curiosity.’ Scorbunny, a fire type rabbit that is always running about with endless energy. And lastly, Sobble, a water type lizard who prefers to hide in the water and shoot out attacks.

Already, fans are falling in love with these starting Pokémon and a plethora of fan art has already been released.

Not to mention the fact that everyone will always have a specific starter Pokémon that they think is best, welcome to fandom btw. With everyone already dreaming of partnering up with these adorable Pokémon, some fans have already latched onto the short descriptions that Game Freak has released.

Fans of Sobble, for example, are already talking about how timid of a creature it must be and that they MUST defend Sobble. With even many drawings depicting Sobble sobbing when performing attacks, you can’t make this up.

Now the question is… which one would you choose?