5 Great Android Mobile Games To Buy
By: say.jeremykk

5 Great Android Mobile Games To Buy


With smartphones becoming more advanced and easier for everyone to own, the list of games available has also skyrocketed. To help filter out some of the less interesting ones so you can maximise your game time, here’s a list of 5 games (old and new) on the Android Google Play Store games you might want to buy for your device as of March 2019.

Monster Hunter Stories (RM76.99)

Monster Hunter World has been a massive franchise worldwide for those with a console and we say why not continue with Monster Hunter Stories. Yes, the game has a more cartoonish vibe, but for those who want to delve deeper into the universe of the series, this game is for them. You will continue to travel around the world looking for monsters to hunt and tame. The price may be a bit steep, but there are no in-app purchases what so ever once you buy this full-fledged game.

Monument Valley 1 (RM15.99) and 2 (RM19,99)

The Monument Valley series are great puzzle games with an equally wonderful graphic style. Players will be exploring and navigating through Escher-style puzzles, all the while manipulating fantastical architecture to guide a silent princess through a stunning world. The Monument Valley series of games are just too charming to pass up.

The Room: Old Sins (RM22.99)

The Room series of puzzle games in the style of escape rooms are some of the best out there on mobile. The 4th iteration, The Room: Old Sins will have you making your way through wonderfully well thought out puzzles and gizmos. This is quite easily the ultimate puzzle box for puzzles lovers out there.

Crashlands (RM28.99)

Crashlands is not a new game, but it still holds up today and is a great buy for those who want a nice adventure game with RPG and crafting elements. You play as an intergalactic trucker that crashlands on an alien planet and must save the planet from a nefarious plot. With a ton of items to collect and craft, you can easily spend hours playing this fantastic game.

The Escapists 1 (RM26.99) and 2 (RM37.99)

The Escapist series of games have a simple goal, escape prison. A sandbox simulation game, you must play the ‘good’ prisoner role as you plot your escape and stash away illegal contraband. There are multiple different prisons to escape from in both games, each with their own unique theme and ways to escape. With no real story to the games, you can skip straight to the second one if you want a multiplayer experience which supports up to 3 of your friends on local co-op.

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