Big Bad Robots

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Big Bad Robots


Terence Tan and Jason Spykerman

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iOS, Android and Unity


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About Company

Big Bad Robots is an independent game studio that creates original social oriented games for Web and iPhone that packages old school fun using cutting edge technologies. They focus on development of compelling multi-user and multi-platform products.


Meet the Team

Terence Tan has over 18 years of experience in Game and Software development. As CEO/Founder and Technical Architect of Phoenix Game Studios, he developed Fung Wan Online, South-East Asia’s first fully 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). As Production Director at GameBrains, he oversaw Product Development such as Backyard Baseball 2007 for Nintendo,Atari and Sony. Prior to being involved in Game Development, he designed and developed Online Financial Systems, performed System Integration work on multi-million dollar 24×7 Server Farms and worked with companies such as Sun,IBM and Accenture.

Jason Spykerman has worked at Bioware(Canada) for 7 years, and while there helped develop some of their most famous titles including Baldurs Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal, Neverwinter Nights, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire and Mass Effect.


Name: Last Call: For Alcohol

Joe, recently laid off, receives a mysterious letter from a lawyer representing Uncle “Stinky” Pete. Uncle Pete, recently deceased has left him a bar, the “Last Call”. Having childhood dreams of running a bar, Joe jumps at the opportunity, dragging his skeptical girlfriend Amelia along with him.

– Keep customers happy by mixing drinks.
– 20 levels of cocktail mixing mayhem.
– Buy new Drink Recipes based on actual recipes.
– Use different flairs to keep your customers happy and make as much money as possible.
– Transform your bar from the dive left to you by Uncle Pete to a snazzy Sports Bar.
– Follow Joe and his girlfriend Amelia into uncovering what happened to Uncle Pete in Story mode.
– Play Drunk OR Sober in new Arcade mode.
– Game Center integration with achievements and high-score ranking

Download it here from App Store.