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P'ng Yiwei, Lydia Ho & Zyen

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About Company

The name “Kurechii” is derived from the words ‘crazy’ and ‘creative’ which are the two main elements when it comes to the games the studio develops.

Meet the Team

The brain of Kurechii, P’ng Yiwei overlooks the development of games and what-nots in the studio. From initial ideas to the publishing of the game, he is there to make sure everything works well.Great dreams and talent are contained in Yiwei’s lanky, yam-loving-self. He is like a dad to the other members, generous and well-informed; but is a child at heart. Most of Kurechii’s projects are programmed, if not fully developed by him.

Reading and daydreaming has led Creative Director Lydia Ho to creative writing. She dreams of publishing a visual novel one day, but as of now amuses herself with blogging and cosplaying. If she had not enrolled into a design course, she would have gone for language instead.She knows five languages, and often pretends not to – just to amuse herself with what other people say in languages they think she doesn’t understand.

The aesthetically pleasing yet practical images in Kurechii’s projects are created (if not, overlooked) by Zyen. She has a flair for designing creatures that are addictive and cute, beside the intriguing interfaces you see in our games.She has a collection of sketch books – but they are mostly empty as she cannot bear to scribble on them. In fact, most of our initial designs are doodled on draft paper.

Nick is naturally attracted to all things fun and interesting. He has an eye for details and enjoys creating and entertaining. That might explain why he has a Real Life Leveling System to either upgrade or level-down the people around him. As of now, he is spicing up the animations of our games-in-progress.He loves butter-cream styled food, but he would rather skip meals than to skip karaoke sessions.


Top 2 Games

1) Name: Postknight

Genre: Adventure, Role Playing Game (RPG)

Release Date: 2017

The story follows the adventures of a Postknight — a knight who is tasked with difficult or dangerous deliveries — in the grand kingdom of Kurestal. Through deliveries, the postknight will meet other characters with different backgrounds while venturing across the kingdom of Kurestal and beyond.

– Google Play Best Games of 2017 – Best Indie
– Google Play Best Games of 2017 – Best to Pick Up & Play
– WINNER of by International Mobile Game Awards SEA 2017

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2) Name: Tiny Guardians

Genre: Strategy, Tower Defense

Release Date: 2015

Summon unique guardians to defend Lunalie against various enemies as she journeys through the wilderness of Prism in search of her missing aunt, the Sorceress. Beware of wild beasts, eerie creatures, molten enemies and mysterious circus folk along your journey.

– Most Popular Game by Taipei Game Show Indie Game Awards 2016
– Featured as a Best New Game on the App Store and Google Play
– Google Play Editor’s Choice
– Featured in the App Store’s Best of April 2015
– Best Game In Show Audience Choice by Casual Connect Asia 2015 Indie Prize Awards
– Featured in the App Store’s 15 Cutest Games collection
– First prize in Astro Go Innovate 2014 Showcase

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