18 Best & Worst Lines To Pick Up Girl Gamers

Girls who game – are they a myth as claimed by 9Gaggers? Well if you believed that then you’re about to be owned by the kickass ladies on this list!

In conjunction with VDay, we decided to ask some popular gaming influencers as well as upcoming starlets on what are the lame-st and best-est pick-up lines they’ve received.

Special thanks to our friends at Garena, Fundeavour, Nara Gaming, and all the gamers that took part in this survey. We hearts you!

This is how we’re categorizing the lines:
Best pick-up lines = OP
Lame pick-up lines = GG

(Editor’s note: Some answers were edited for length and to keep it safe for work).

1) Josette Swan aka LeJosette 
– Gamer, streamer and ROG ambassador.
– Games played: Dota2 and most horror games.

GG: “I’ll carry you to the highest mmr in Dota”.

OP: “I hate FPS games because whenever I’m in game with you, I can’t take my eyes of you”.

Ultimate Vday date: Home cooked spaghetti, cuddles and movies at home – perfect date to end the day.

Her message to the world: Watch me scream my lungs out playing horror games. And special thanks to my sponsors Asus, Corsair and Digi for supporting me and our gaming industry.” (Editor: We’re also looking for sponsors. Kthanksbye).

2) Syamimi Haney Jaffry aka Mimi Haney
– Gamer, streamer, YouTuber, and ROG ambassador.
– Games played: PUBG and Monster Hunter. 

GG: “Your name is Haney? No wonder you’re sweet like honey”.

OP: “Woop woop that’s the sound of the police. Red and blue, girl you stole my heart with ease”.

Her message to the world: More awesome content coming up so come over. Lots of ROG updates too!


3) Fern Yeap aka Waitress
– Partnership Manager, Garena SEA.
– Games played: League of Legends, Arena of Valor, Dota2, and Overwatch.

Fern is on the left. Image courtesy of Stelliana R Siswanto.

GG: “Something is on your butt — My eyes”.

OP: “Is your name Sven, because you’ve got great cleav-age”. (Editor: Dota2 fans don’t try this!)

Ultimate Vday date: My dream VDay date is a 10-game win streak on my ranked games.

4) Wan Khairunnisa Nur Sabrina aka RadUnicorn
– Gamer and streamer.
– Games played: PUBG

GG: “Did you just fart? Because you blew me away”.

OP: “If you were a transformer you’d be optimus FINE”.

Ultimate Vday date: A nice picnic by the beach so we can enjoy our date while breathing in fresh air outside the hectic city life.

Her message to the world: Come say hi on my FB page here!

5) Christina Toh aka XiaoTing MiaoMiao 
– Gamer, streamer and ROG ambassador.
– Games played: Dota2, PUBG, Mobile Legends, and Arena of Valor.

GG: “You look like my next girlfriend!” (Ed: Come on guys this line is so over and done with!)

OP: “Now I know where to spend the rest of my life… with you”.

Ultimate Vday date: At home with a simple home cooked dinner with wine and games. Cause everywhere else will be crowded and I don’t wanna be stuck in the jam.

Her message to the world: Come watch me on my Twitch channel here. 

6) Lizara
– Gamer, streamer, and YouTuber.
– Games played: Minecraft, League of Legends, PUBG, and am a huge fan of Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, The Sims and Assassin’s Creed.

Lizara on her ultimate VDay date. Bonus points for Photoshopping this for us!

GG:     Q: “Do you want to play a game with me?” 
            Me: “What game?” 
            Q: “A love game *wink wink”
            Me: “… … I actually wanted to play a real game!”

OP:         Q: “What’s your IGN?” 
                Me: “Lizara.” 
                Q: “So that’s my wife’s name!” 

And another one… While I was playing League of Legends, someone said “Wanna come back to my base and check out my Needlessly Large Rod?”

Ultimate Vday date: It has to be somewhere with romantic ambience and scenery. Perhaps dining on a tropical beach under the stars, with sweet music playing in the background. Why? Because it’s all about the mood and that imagery fits so perfectly! Also, it has to be with a guy who games so that he can understand me and my needs!

Her message to the world: I stream every day on VOOV, Twitch and Facebook! I would love to see you on my streams. Come over, say hi and let’s chat! You can find my links on Facebook. 

7) Sheryl Ye aka Aisaka Miharu
– Gamer, streamer, and co-founder of Nara Gaming.
– Games played: Dota 2, CS:GO, Mobile Legends, and indie games.

GG: “Do you have 11 protons cause you’re sodium fine!”

OP: “Your father must have been a thief, cause he stole the stars from the night sky and put them in your eyes”.

Ultimate Vday date: Winning rank games together!

8) Nolie Syahana aka Kryskalyst 
– Gamer and streamer
– Games played: CS:GO, PUBG, and Dota2.

GG: “Send bobs and vegene”.(Ed: Seriously guys?)

OP: “You are small in the world, but big in my heart ❤”.

Her message to the world: I’ll be at the MESL Dota2 playoffs in Mid Valley on Feb 24 – 25, 2018 so come say hi!.

9) Kim Soo Yeon aka Kraumy 
– Gamer and streamer.
– Games played: Resident Evil 7, Dota 2, Arena of Valor, and PUBG.

GG: “Hey, are you a vegetable? Because I think you’re a CUTEcumber”.

OP: None. (Ed: Wow guys… I’m sure one of you must have some killer lines).

Ultimate Vday date: Nice meal by Hallstatt Lake on a snowy day. (Ed: Google it, it’s a beautiful place!)

10) Ameerah Idros aka TheNeverOne 
– Gamer and streamer.
– Games played: League of Legends, PUBG, Warframe, and Mobile Legends. 

GG:       Q: “Do you want to know what your ranking is from 1 to

              Me: “What?” 
              Q: “You are number 9, because you only need me to be
              complete to 10.” 

OP: “If you ever doubt yourself dear, believe in me… who believes in you”.

Ultimate Vday date: My kind of VDay would be spending my time with my dearest playing games and later have great meals together.

11. Michelle Tan aka Lylia
– Gamer, streamer and co-founder of Fundeavour.
– She plays and streams PUBG and a variety of indie games. She even used to shoutcast for League of Legends way back in 2013.

GG:       Q: “Can I carry you in game?”
              Me: “Excuse me, I can carry myself!”

OP: “Let’s have a 1v1 with me in League of Legends!”

Ultimate Vday date: My dream VDay date is to be able to eat anything I want, without having to pay for it, and without getting fat.

Her message to the world: If you’re an aspiring streamer or YouTuber, come join our amazing gaming content creator community at Fundeavour.com! We’re almost at 20,000 members, and we’d be happy to have you.

12) Qistina Iman aka kisscium 
– Gamer and streamer.
– Games played: Too many! But I used to cast and played ranked for League of Legends. Nowadays I prefer more casual games.

GG: “Are you an inhaler, because I need you to breathe” – It cringed me so bad I died inside.

OP: “We are a perfect couple because we work as a unit”.

Her message to the world: Look out for the next FV Cup! Just follow us on Flash Vision.

13) Lim ‘ Iceyz ‘ Tze Teng IceIceBaby aka Iceyzltt 
– Gamer, streamer, and ROG ambassador.
– Games played: Dota 2, PUBG, and CS:GO

GG: “You look like my future GF”. (Ed: This line needs to retire guys, come on!).

OP: “You like to play Kar98 in PUBG? No wonder you are ‘stuck’ inside my heart. (Ed: The word “Kar” in Chinese – ‘卡’ – means stuck so it’s a play on words. I’m sure it sounds way smoother in Chinese).

Ultimate Vday date: “Surprise me! I love surprises!”

14) Sarah Syafiqa Allya aka Akirien 
– Gamer and streamer.
– Games played: Destiny, Overwatch, and Monster Hunter.

OG: “You’re a rare species. I want to be your master.”

OP: “I need you like ammos to shoot. (A gun is nothing without its bullets)”.

Ultimate Vday date: I’ve been playing VDay events/missions in games the last 3 years so being single now, I’d love to have a nice real life date. Something simple like going to the arcades or movies”.

Her message to the world: Come say hi on Twitch 

15) Stella aka Ristelle
– Gamer, cosplayer, and streamer.
– Games played: Overwatch, PUBG, Tales series and a lot of other casual games that are fun with friends to stream!

GG: While playing PUBG, we had to pinpoint where to drop, so I asked “Where do we go?” He said: “Into your heart”. Not the best answer during a game but it was funny!

OP: “Do you know why you’re so full of sugar these days? Because you’re the sweetest!”

Ultimate Vday date: Definitely a date anywhere in Japan! Because Japan is love and being in that country with your loved ones is definitely the best thing ever.

16) Siti Nurshaiedah binti Ghazali aka Edah Dota Girl
– Gamer, streamer and content creator
– Games played: Dota 2, PUBG, Grand Theft Auto V, Arena of Valor, and many more.

GG: During my stream someone said
Q: “Aren’t you tired?”
Me: “Tired of?”
Q: “Ouh tired of being in my mind all the time”.

OP: “You are one of a kind for sure and I want you to be the one for the rest of my life”. (Ed: That sounds like a proposal than a pick-up line!).

Ultimate Vday date: My date and I doing some charity work together, or cooking good food together for a bunch of friends, because I find that doing good deeds with your partner is romantic and of course good food brings good people together.

Her message to the world: I’ll be doing a giveaway soon so follow me on Facebook here.

17) Azean Malik aka Cambling aka Kambing Golek
– Gamer, streamer, and YouTuber.
– Games played: GTA 5 Online, Rainbow Six Siege, Uncharted 4 and Friday the 13th.

GG:        Q: “Are you a jail? Because my heart is locked inside you” 
                Me: “I’d rather go to jail.”

OP:         Q: “The only thing your eyes haven’t told me is your 

                Me: “Well, hello there nice to meet you, I’m kambing golek.
does that name sound to you?”

Her message to the world: I’m a streamer on Youtube under the pseudonym Kambing Golek. I usually stream at night especially during the weekends, so do come by my livestream and we can have a fun chit chat! Turn on the notification bell when you subscribe to me! Make sure to follow me on Instagram as well @Kambinggolekk

18) Nia Adyana
– Upcoming gamer.
– Games played: FIFA 18 and Battlefield.

GG: “Let’s get this clear; you love FIFA and so do I, so why don’t we get together *wink wink”.

OP: “Let’s flip a coin – heads you’re mine, tail I’m yours!”

Editor: We picked Nia for this list because she’s on a mission to be the Queen of FIFA! She caught our attention last year when she beat the boys to win a FIFA 18 tourno. Read all about her achievements here and let’s continue to encourage more women to game!