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10 Fun Mobile Games Made By Malaysians You Should Play Now!

While it’s common for majority of Malaysians to play well-known video games made by Western and Japanese developers, Malaysia has its ample share in the video game industry as one of the fastest growing industry in the world today, which reached more than RM563 billion this year, according to Newzoo.

This once, small sector in entertainment industry able to achieve a tremendous performance, thanks to the immense growth of mobile applications including mobile games.

To look deeper in local video game industry, our country is experiencing the exponential growth in terms of video games revenue amounted to RM1.4 billion. The largest pool of the revenue is widely contributed to mobile gaming market, which raked up to RM1.1 billion this year alone based on an overview by Statista.

As more and more users are engaged in mobile gaming, playing hit games like Mobile Legends and PUBG Mobile, talented Malaysian game developers are also joining in the multi-billion virtual bandwagon with their own unique style of mobile games.

With that being said, here are 10 fun and addictive Malaysian-made mobile games that you should play now!

1. WarPods

Developed by Weyrdworks Studio led by three video game lovers: Shawn Beck, JT Yean and Daniel Ray, the company has recently launched its second game entitled WarPods.

Taking a play in role-playing game (RPG) genre, WarPods is a turn-based block breaker that incorporate RPG elements where you team up with a band of unique Fighters, breaking blocks to take down enemies. Each of them has its own special abilities and quirky personalities like the rock star Chloe and the toaster Sparky.

In the game, player travels across multitude of galaxies, fighting different space enemies such as Space Pirates, Nomners and weird-looking Negasaurus. While traversing in outer space, you can also assign your Fighters to Mission Control. From there, you can collect variety of rewards including coins, artifacts, loots and many more afterwards.

Get ready to save the galaxies in WarPods, available for Android and iOS.

2. Postknight

The multi award-winning mobile game, Postknight is one-of-a-kind RPG adventure developed by Kurechii. Postknight follows a tale of a knight tasked with a heavy burden, delivering letters and parcels throughout the grand kingdom of Kurestal. Along the courier journey, the postknight meets with vibrant characters in the luscious backgrounds of Kurestal kingdom and other realms.

The gameplay remains true to its RPG core as you gain experience, attributes and rewards after completing your quest. These points allow you to slash and shield enemies’ attack as you go about your deliveries. I think this game serves as an unintentional homage for mail carriers everywhere either in reality or fantasy.

Postknight is now available on Android and iOS.

3. Void Troopers

From the Malaysian developer, Appxplore, comes with their latest mobile game focused on sci-fi shooter called Void Troopers. Join in the ranks of Void Troopers as you’re in control of a ship to destroy streams of alien spaceships and its evil bosses across star maps.

The gameplay is simple enough. You just need to tap to shoot while tap again to upgrade your ship for further offensive measures. As you’re building reputation, more ships and technologies can be unlocked. You can recruit more captains to build your own distinguished fleet and send other captains on space expeditions to earn gold.

Tap away to eliminate alien threats in Void Troopers, available for Android and iOS.

4. Kluno: Hero Battle

Looking for a mix of Bejeweled and Clash Royale? Kluno: Hero Battle is a tile-matching puzzle games developed by Gameka. In the game, you swipe and match the tiles to unleash¬†anthropomorphic animal heroes’ skills. Every strategically placed tile is important to take down opponent’s tower and heroes.

With variety of heroes to choose from, each victorious battle gains you trophies, cards and items to help players advance the game. Be on top of the leaderboard by challenging other players in online competitive PvP mode.

Battle it out in Kluno: Hero Battle and you can download the game on Android and iOS.

5. Mak Cun’s Adventure

From the same developer who brought the well-known TV animation, Ejen Ali in video game universe with Ejen Ali: Emergency, Common Extract is taking the popular comedy TV series, Mak Cun on a next level: a mobile game entitled Mak Cun’s Adventure. Inspired by Diner Dash, the brazen entrepreneur Mak Cun entrusts you to assume control of her various ventures.

You need to provide the best service possible for your customers either selling traditional wear in Boutique levels or serving up delicious nasi lemak and char kuey teow in Restaurant levels. The money you earn can contribute to beautify your shop and upgrade for better appliances to score bigger pot of coins!

Mak Cun’s Adventure awaits you on Android and iOS.

6. Cyberrunner Zero

Cyberrunner Zero is an endless runner mobile game developed by Spacepup Entertainment. Like Subway Surfers turns to gloomy sci-fi universe, you’re awaken as Zero, a human experiment who has no recollection as to his identity.

Confined in a dimmed and strange robotic laboratory, only one option is obvious to the player: run for your life. Keep running, avoid well-placed traps and escape from the underground lab.

Run, Zero, run. Cyberrunner Zero is now available on Google Play Store.

7. Simulacra

Scared of your own life after playing the celebrated free-to-play horror mobile game, Sara is Missing? Be prepared to be haunted once again in Simulacra, developed by Kaigan Games. Cementing its unique signature of horror storytelling in mobile games, Simulacra starts with the discovery of a phone that belongs to a missing young woman named Anna.

Simulacra pushes the ‘found phone-simulator’ genre on another level, which depends on player’s decision that can branch out to multiple endings. Finding clues of the missing woman can be made by navigating through installed apps in the phone such as dating app, social media app and browsing app that could take up to 6 hours of open gameplay.

The plot thickens in Simulacra, available on Android and iOS for RM19.99. You can also play it on Steam for RM12.50.

8. Light A Way

When the sun is swallowed by the dark creatures, the developer Appxplore brings in the Guardian to brighten up the forest in Light A Way. Vested by the Staff of Flare’s luminous power, you act as the Guardian who is tasked to restore the light together with the help of Lumi fairies.

Throughout the game, you will restore the light by tapping to unleash full light power of the staff and tap again, so the radiant Lumi burn the enemies away. You can learn 6 spells from 18 character specialization and befriend with 30 Lumi with a total of 240 skills along your enlightening path.

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Light A Way is available on Android and iOS.

9. Roll Spike Sepak Takraw

Touted as the world’s first Sepak Takraw mobile game, Roll Spike is a sports game developed by Mediasoft Entertainment. If you have played their previous badminton mobile game called Jump Smash 15, then you might be familiar with the controls of its sepak takraw game.

Following the touch controls of D-pad and button control system, you can navigate the team players to perform special moves such as Roll Spike and Bicycle to name a few. The spirit of sepak takraw is real enough as you can duke it out with the big teams in sepak takraw scene from Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines and many more.

As the Malaysia team finally broke the 24-year-old wait of taking home a gold medal in the inter-regu sepak takraw event at Asian Games 2018 recently, perhaps you can practice your virtual sepak takraw skills in Roll Spike, available on Android and iOS.

10. Ejen Ali: Emergency

Dreaming of becoming a multi-faceted agent like Ejen Ali? Developed by Common Extract, your task is to find out the secrets behind the MATA lair through the Ejen Ali’s IRIS in the action mobile game, Ejen Ali: Emergency.

Take on the role of the school boy moonlighting as a spy agent equipped with his upgradable yoyo as a weapon to defeat foes using the MOBA-like control scheme and escape from the highly secured MATA system.

There are 50 challenging action-puzzles level to play with additional levels to explore during the festive seasons. Other characters from Ejen Ali universe like Ali’s cat, Comot and his colleague, Ejen Rizwan can join in your mission to infiltrate MATA facility.

As General Rama used to say, “Bertindak segera!” or “Act now!”. Ejen Ali: Emergency is now available on Android and iOS.

This list shown above is the testament that Malaysian game developers are able to create fun and addictive mobile games in which some of the games have already won critically acclaimed awards in both local and international stages. If you’re keen to play more Malaysian-made video games, just simply visit our Directory to get to know better with our local video games studios.

In the spirit of Malaysia’s 61th years of independence, we at MyGameOn would like to wish Happy National Day or Selamat Hari Kebangsaan to all Malaysians!