Bake ‘n Switch Is A Four-Player Co-op Cooking Game That Will Test Your Friendship

Get ready to step up your ‘bake’ game.

Bake ‘n Switch is an upcoming couch co-op and PVP game reminiscent of Overcooked developed by Malaysian-based game studio, Streamline Games that was announced early this year. Bake your way as a team of 4 adorable bakers who called themselves as The First Bakers to defeat the giant blob of dough known as The Scourge. 

The world of Bake ‘n Switch is overrun by Spores, Stickies, and Mouldies that will spoil your fresh bread. Be sure to knock out the army of Scourge and receive (if you’re lucky) delectable power-ups such as Freeze, Electrify, Magnet & Solar Palm. The bakers must come together to punch, collect and bake the biggest doughs in the oven before time runs out.

Your freshest products will help you gain the power of the insatiable munchies, the Guardians to beat Scourge. But be careful, awakening the Guardians can be a double-edged sword.

Like any old-fashioned local multiplayer game, you can go up against each other in PVP Mode. You have to bake as many doughs as you can and ruining your friendship at the same time by sabotaging each others’ ovens to win the title of the best baker.

According to the Steam page, the studio is looking to put Bake ‘n Switch in Early Access oven before launching officially around late 2019. Early Access stage will feature 15 co-op levels, 4 PVP mode, and a Boss Level in one thematic world. For the fully baked game, the plan is to have 45 co-op levels, 12 PVP, and 3 Boss Levels as well as several new multiplayer game mechanics, levels and characters.

The developers are planning to stick to Early Access first to locate bugs and for “honest observations, input and feedback from our players to guide or challenge our ideas.”

Although the official price is not announced yet, Streamline said the price will be increased “slightly” after Early Access. To join the club of elite bakers, you can roll into the Discord server or learn more on the official website. The Early Access hasn’t launched yet so far but we’ll update as soon as it opens.

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