Malaysian Video Games You Should Play in 2019

2019 has no short of amazing video games that will blow our minds from the international to the local stage. With a wide range of gaming devices such as PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and even mobile phones, there is no sign of slowing down.

In 2017, Malaysia is ranked number 21 in global game revenue estimates with US$587 million ahead of Netherlands and Poland. This shows that Malaysia provides a promising platform for digital and creative talents to expand further into game development.

As we’re ushering into 2019, we would like to highlight the Malaysian-made games that will be released this year. Although some of them are still in the works, this doesn’t stop you from getting excited. Here are the Malaysian games you should look forward to play in 2019 and beyond.

Re: Legend

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Developer: Magnus Games Studio
Release date: TBA 2019

Re:Legend is a role-playing video game (RPG) developed by Magnus Games Studio and published by Digital Bros. The small indie studio led by two brothers launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their game in July 2017. The campaign received a tremendous success with backings all over the world, which raised 900% increment from its initial goal of USD$70,000 to USD$630,700; making it the most crowd-funded Kickstarter project in Southeast Asia.

The game takes into the world of Ethia where you can hunt, tame and raise magical monsters known as Magnus. Similar to Harvest Moon and Rune Factory, players can re-build village to farm, mine, craft weapons & armors, and go fishing with your friends in co-op or multiplayer mode.

Re:Legend is currently in development with an alpha exclusively opens for Kickstarter backers and planning for cross-platform support. 

No Straight Roads

Platform: PC, PS4
Developer: Metronomik
Release date: 2020

No Straight Roads is an upcoming game developed by Metronomik, the Malaysian studio founded by former Final Fantasy XV lead game designer Wan Hazmer and Street Fighter V concept artist Daim Dziauddin. 

In this game, you will lead two musicians, Mayday and Zuke with their rock band to take down an evil EDM empire who called themselves as No Straight Roads. While it is generally known that rhythm games such as Patapon, PaRappa the Rapper and Cytus require a lot of skills to play, game director Wan Hazmer said all players can enjoy the game without paying too much attention to each beat. 

Instead, you carry the music and use it to your advantage to move, jump and transform musical elements to defeat the bosses, which are represented as artists with their unique genres ranging from a musical prodigy to a DJ. Watch how No Straight Roads is made here.

MekaRoyale Online

Platform: Android, iOS
Developer: Illogical Games
Release date: Out now

If you think about a mix of Titanfall and battle royale genre (no, not Apex Legends), MekaRoyale Online is right up your alley. MekaRoyale Online is a top-down shooter with battle royale twist made by the solo developer, Amarul Natenan from Illogical Games.

In this game, you will play as a pilot who must survive in the battle against 12 players. Winning the match allows you to buy a mecha or MEKA using credits and persevere through the matches raise more credits to buy updates for your MEKA. Losing a match, however, could cost a permanent loss to your mecha.

Non-MEKA pilots can also outsmart the opponents by scouring the map for the best weapons and use exosuit to beat MEKA users. MekaRoyale Online is a free-to-play game now available on Android and iOS.

To-Gather Island

Platform: PC
Developer: Studio Kamii
Release date: TBA 2019

To-Gather Island is a survival action adventure game developed by Studio Kamii. Compared to the dark nature of many survival games, To-Gather Island gives players a sense of adventure to hunt for food, craft tools, building, and survive in foreign places with a tiny golem that will grow bigger in time.

Players will have to solve the mysteries surrounding the different islands and perform research to enhance your survival skills. There is also a day-and-night setting where monsters could appear at night so you have the whole day to be prepared. While waiting for the release, you can play the demo here.

A Dance of Fire and Ice

Platform: PC
Developer: 7th Beat Games
Release date: Out now

Before you get confused with the name (no, it’s not THAT novel by George R. R. Martin), A Dance of Fire and Ice is a rhythm game that will definitely test your hand-and-eye coordination. This game is a strictly one-button rhythm game, which you have to place two alternating balls simultaneously according to the beat of the music.

If this game reminds you of Rhythm Doctor, it’s made from the same developer. While waiting for Rhythm Doctor to release, you can try out the demo for A Dance of Ice and Fire here. The game is also available on Steam.

Bake ‘n Switch

Platform: PC
Developer: Streamline Games
Release date: 2019

Get ready to bake! Bake ‘n Switch dives into the tasty pastry universe in this couch co-op and PvP local multiplayer party game. Team up to 4 players or sabotage each other as the First Bakers to punch, combine, and bake the tastiest doughs before time runs out.

Early Access is coming to Steam around Fall 2019. Check out their Facebook page and be prepared for the dough-mination!

King’s League II

Platform: PC, Mac, Android, iOS
Developer: Kurechii
Release date: April 2019

From the developer of Postknight, the multi-award winning Malaysian indie game studio, Kurechii unveiled the sequel of their famous simulation strategy series: King’s League II. Set in a fantasy medieval period, players need to recruit the best fighters with over 30 classes from berserkers to archers to form your own dream league.

Owning a dream team won’t secure you a victory without proper strategic planning and execution. You can expand your journey into perilous dungeons, test your limits at tournaments, and earn the recognition of guilds by doing quests.

ENDURA: The Thrilling Delivery

Platform: PC
Developer: IFiO Studio
Release date: July 2019

Endura: The Thrilling Delivery is a third-person action adventure shooter developed by IFiO Studio. The game is set in a hidden dimension within a tree known as Yagra where Bunians who are in charge of magical creatures such as the beastly Ulit Maya.

However, greed and envy spread like a disease among the Bunians that erupted a civil war lasted for 700 years and destroyed Yagra. Bound to reunite the people of Yagra, you will play as Endu Ra who joined forces with his fellow chosen Bunians to form a league called ENDURA. But, only the toughest and most agile will survive as their job is to travel across dimensions to survive, to send delivery and to spread AURA back to the world.

Super Jones

Platform: Android, iOS
Developer: Techninier
Release date: 7 March 2019

Super Jones is a fast-paced adventure game filled with fun puzzles and strategic path-planning. You play as a miner, Nathan Jones ventures into a deserted ancient mine with his mighty drill to uncover buried treasures. Dig deep into the mine consisted of 7 unique blocks and do your best to drill away monsters to acquire 7 types of precious jewels.
Bolster the Jones with Extra HP, Drill Upgrade, Time Extension, and Giga Drill Upgrade to summon the Giga Drill for one swift vertical hit down the mine. You can compete with other players in order to achieve the top score within a limited time. Prepare your drill as Super Jones now hits on Android and iOS.
Calling all Malaysian game developers! Do you have a new game that you would like to share with us? Submit your game along with a brief summary (genre, platform, and release date) with a subject line ‘2019 Malaysia Game List’ at [email protected]. This article will be updated from time to time.

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