Christmas Mobile Game Updates: ‘Alien Path’

We’re simply loving the smashing puzzle RPG Alien Path by Malaysian Developers, Appxplore. This Christmas season, the robots are at it again and a new event filled with legendary level rewards await players!

The Robots have invaded planets intent on stealing socks from across the universe. Without their socks, the Aliens will be unable to receive their presents this year so help them save their socks and earn rewards for the season!

Put an end to this sock stealing invasion and get Legendary Power Cards to aid your fight against the Robots! Earn up to 5 different coloured Legendary Power Cards, Gems, Sparks and even Foils throughout the event as you save Christmas and restore a Happy Alien Holiday. With invasions of varying difficulties, players will have plenty of opportunities to earn rewards and obtain these coveted rewards!


Stand up to the Robots in Alien Path today on Android and iOS.

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