Have You Heard Of The League of Legends Championship Malaysia (LCM)?

The League of Legends Championship Malaysia (or LCM for people with short attention span) is the professional LoL tournament for elite teams and players in Malaysia.

Run by LoL’s legal guardian, Garena Malaysia, LCM will send one representative to the Garena Premier League which provides a shot to the grandest eSports stage of all, Worlds (minus Jay Chou of cos).

LCM is a revamp of The Legends Circuit (TLC) Malaysia which saw Malaysia’s most talented eSports athletes grace the Summoner’s Rift and make a name for themselves at an international level.

Prize Pool
The total prize pool, including player compensation and team subsidies for LCM is a whopping RM 227,000! To be shared and won among the 12 local professional teams in Malaysia. So that’s 8 teams from LCM and 4 teams from the Challenger Series.

Champion RM 60,000
1st Runner-Up RM 30,000
2nd Runner-Up RM 15,000
3rd Runner-Up RM 10,000
4th Runner-Up RM 7,000
5th Runner-Up RM 7,000
6th Runner-Up RM 7,000
7th Runner-Up RM 7,000

League Regular Series
8 Teams, Round Robin with Best of Two for 5 weeks

Playoffs / Semi Finals
4 Teams, Double Elimination with Best of Five

2 Teams, Single Elimination with Best of Five


Teams Qualified

From left: Aimer, Ruenn, Bigjazz, Maillo & Alyx

From left: Leaf, xPulse, Rexion, BONOBONO & Keen

From left: Jade, Sagi, Scorp, Cres & Hoki

From left: Oni, Joker, Weigor, Scorp, Saw & Jackie

From left: Winter, Arxues, Neko, Deuce & Eyebrows

From left: Arashi, Xeno, Atup, Ribena & Xare

From left: Teddy, zSune, Eren, 404 & Clayx

From left: ArrHedge, QaspieL, OzoraVeki, Shiro & Rayz

Source: Garena